Music Education

NMAO has provided music education for middle school children in the Evergreen Unified School District in San Jose, California by partnering in the “Magic to Do” after school program.  Middle school children had the opportunity to enjoy free programs learning about the performing arts.

NMAO provided instruction in vocal performance as well as technical and production needs for their performances.  NMAO continues to provide subsidized private vocal lessons to students that are financially challenged.   


Educational TV Programming

In 2013, NMAO embarked in the production of a PBS television special: Pasquale Esposito Celebrates Enrico Caruso.  With the support of donors, NMAO successfully developed and produced the docu-concert that was licensed by PBS in 2015 for 3 years.  The program has successfully aired in the top 10 US markets and has reached an audience of nearly 220,000,000 viewers. 

The television special continues to air nationally and most recently was presented at Santa Clara University’s Vari Symposium 2016 in April. Presently, NMAO is seeking support to complete production of its 2nd Television Special: Pasquale Esposito Celebrates Italian Piazza (password: Piazza). This television program will highlight the most beautiful and historic Italian piazzas spanning from the North to the South complemented by Italian, Spanish and American standards performed by Pasquale Esposito in his distinct Pop-Opera arrangements. 

The special will take the audience on a musical journey focusing on Italian history, culture, traditions and music.

On going support from donors are needed to fund the filming of the documentary phase and post-production phase.  In addition, funding is needed to continue to provide music education to underserved students in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
— Samira Ghazvini, Executive Director